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Welcome to my humble abode!

You have reached the virtual home of author and educator Anita Kovacevic.

Here are some snippets of what you can find in Anita's Haven.

Have fun, learn something, teach me something

and be kind in your comments.


adult & children's fiction & poetry

Although it may not be easy to tackle multiple genres, this is how I function.

My adult books range from semi-horror to romance, short stories and poetry,

whereas my children's books are meant for kids from 3 years old and older,

to be read by parents and educators, and then children themselves. 

You can read more about my books on their individual pages.

blog articles about other authors

Being an avid reader, I too like to think my opinions of books matter:),

so you will be able to read my book reviews and recommendations here from time to time.

Plenty of interviews will also be available, as well as guest posts

and exclusive sneak peeks from their books.


On life, family, parenting, teaching...

No politics. Please, no politics. Just be kind to each other.

My life revolves around my family, job (teaching and teacher training),

friends, dreams, travels, experiences, creativity.

If I can inspire with an idea, share an experience,

help with an issue, I will try to.

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